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Monday, June 6, 2011

Kena realistik tentang pelaburan dinar

Ini artikel/email dr pembaca kepada dinar daddy tentang IQD... Bukan senang nak senang...

Dinar naik..boleh sambaq sebuah mcm ni....

Hi Dinar Daddy,

Just thought i would add my bit here in regards to the pending RV. For the record, i am in Australia, and i am finding it more interesting as time goes on, how all these RUMOR people seem to be in the know about when and how much. Well i can tell you, that all those people out there that think it will be $3+, and the Athena chat tonight, well its just rubish.

I can tell you all that it will be a managed float, that will start out low, and will be managed over several months.

Does anyone out there in the real world think that Iraq would have the money to buy back 23 Trillion Dinar, all over a short period. The real answer is NO. It will be a managed increase over time.

For the record i do have very good contacts, from the USA that are informing me what is happening, and i can tell you its very close. I am invested, very heavily, but i am realistic enough not to get caught up in the unrealistic hype that some of these so called expert people are saying.

Finally i do beleive there is only a handfull of people in the world that know the date, and rate, so please all you so called experts, why don’t you give everyone a rest from your opinions and unrealistic claims, and just let the thing just play out by its self.


Dinar Daddy Chat...tentang dinar..

I want ALL OF YOU to relax about the timing of the revaluation of the Dinar. Why? Because there are MANY THINGS at stake right now, and things may take some time. Please STOP listening to those “gurus” who claim they know that it’s happened or will happen within a few days or weeks. Trust that what you hold has no choice but to go up, but there are things that still may take some time to address. Please be patient, and know I only wish to share truth with you. There are two things I’m sure of in this investment… 1) The Dinar will one day rise in value (to what extent I don’t know)… 2) NO ONE on these sites knows the exact time and day and rate… at least NO ONE who is SHARING information.

There will be an RV when the “streets of Baghdad and Iraq are safe” and when their government is officially complete and stable. Until that time, we won’t see an increase in the value of the currency of Iraq..

Sabar aja lah...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Untuk peminat dinar...

aku bukanlah penjual dinar...hanya punya sedikit dinar dlm tangan..spekulasi investment. Aku suka akan benda2 yang spekulasi mcm ni....tapi spekulasi pun..jgn yang membabi buta...selidik dulu sebelum buat. Dan pertimbangkan risk and rewards...

(Artikel ni aku cedok dr Just Hopin wordpress...pandai2 lah baca..)

As of May 27, 2011 the RV-O-Meter remains at a high-grade warning to “Prepare for Cash In”

The web’ s first and only RV-O-Meter will remain at a weighted confidence level of 99%; The highest recorded level ever on the RV-O-Meter to date.

RV-O-Meter Update

The RV-O-Meter is adjusted based on positive or negative significant events, achievements, and confidence levels.

RV-O-Meter Summary

Considering the overall conditions in Iraq and the continued political stall the RV-O-Meter remains at 99%.

Key factors such as seating of the entire Maliki cabinet and release from Chapter VII will reflect major strides in the RV progress as well upward movement in the RV-O-Meter.

Whats left and its status….
Key elements which remain include (completion of all or part of this list could result in the RV):

•Seating a complete government – This is currently being debated during the GOI summer recess and will soon be brought to the Iraqi Parliament
•Vote on investment law – Articles would suggest this is on the next parliamentary session agenda
•Transition to free trade (global) market economy /Article VIII – This will likely occur Post Chapter VII release
•Vote on oil and gas law (HCL) – Articles would suggest this is on the next parliamentary session agenda
•Kuwait/Iraq resolve outstanding issues – Issues regarding demarcation of the border, missing bodies, and return of antiquities appear to being near resolution. However the recent events involving the construction of Mubark Port in Kuwait has started some more talks regarding demarcation issues. This may require UNSC intervention if negotiations between the two countries fail.
•Release from UNSC Chapter VII – Articles suggest this will happen on or before June 30…this is pending Iraq-Kuwait relations.
•DFI Exit Strategy – In process. Iraq,US,UN, and IMF are fortifying the exit strategy now preparing for June 30
•Becoming a full member of the WTO (ascension) – Iraq is currently in process of seeking full membership. This will occur likely post Chapter VII release.

This has been a long hard road for many IQD investors. The ups and downs have been more nauseating than the fearful roller coaster ride you took as a kid. But like the carnival ride this shall too end.

I believe we are in the final chapters of this investment. Everything we have been looking for to occur has happened or in the process of happening.

There is truly not much to say other than find that small piece of patience still left in your body and lean on it just a little while longer. Keep your faith. This is happening.

A full RV update will be revised when a significant event occurs.

I would like to thank each person who follows Currency Newshound / IQD News via the blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you and soon we will all have a pocket full of blessings,

Just Hopin

Reality or fantasy...dinar investment

Spekulasi..scam...rumour....apa2 aje lah...kecuali kepada sesiap yang sanggup tanggung risiko. Bak kata omputeh,...high risk high return.

Pada pendapat aku...tepuk dada tanya minda. klu ada duit lebihan...boleh invest kat menda2 yang spekulasi mcm ni...klu x naik2 juga nilai dia...letak ja dlm frame...dan jangan salahkan org lain. Itu nasihat aku kat sapa2 yang tergedik2 nak beli dinar dan jadi jutawan segera.....apa2 saja jumlah dinar yg korang nak beli...jgn beli duit yang dah budget untuk beli susu anak...beli lampin...beli berass...etc. Hanya guna duit lebihan yg xda apa2 plan nak buat.

Ini bloq yg sellau aku tgk untuk info...

Lain dr bloq ni...banyak sangat spekulasi...sakit jiwa ja...

Apa2 pun..rugi tanggung sendiri...untung pun...sendiri yang punya....semoga anda semua tercapai impian bebas hutang....peace!!!